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Dear fans of 5000+ Questions,


I have bad news and good news for you.


First, the bad news—you can no longer view all the Book of Mormon questions on this website. :(


But that's because of the good news—that Cedar Fort, the largest independent LDS publisher, has accepted this material for publication and now owns the rights to it. :) It will be published as a book in 2023 in preparation for the Book of Mormon Come Follow Me curriculum, which will start in 2024.


That being said, I'm going to leave this "Random" feature here, which will at least give you random access to about a thousand questions. So, feel free to use this in the meantime!


If you're not aware of my other endeavors yet, please visit my website at to learn more about my book, The Holy Ghost from A to Z: What the Spirit Can Do for You, as well as my podcast, Latter-day Saint Book Nook.


Thank you for your interest in 5000+ Questions to Apply the Book of Mormon to Your Life, and I hope you're excited for its publication in 2023!


All the best,

Liz Kazandzhy